Safety Guidelines

BRC Riding Hat Guidelines 2016

Information for Competitors including important changes for 2016: – 2015_brc_hat_tagging_guide_for_competitors_v1

How does this affect me?

For 2015, all members will continue to be required to have their hats tagged before competing in any BRC Qualifier or Championship.

When you arrive at the competition, take your hat with you when you go to declare. The Official Steward will then check that you hat complies to an accepted standard, and will place a unique BRC tag on it. It is a good idea to allow a little extra time when arriving at a competition for this process to be done.

Please note, you will not be allowed to ride anywhere at that event if your hat has not been tagged, and hats which do not comply to an accepted standard will not be tagged under any circumstances.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they arrive at a competition with a hat to the correct standard so it is therefore imperative that you check your hat before you get to the event in order to avoid disappointment. To do this:

1) Use the following information or the BRC 2015 Rule Book for reference

2) Check that your hat clearly displays one of the accepted standards

3) Check that the standard also shows the correct corresponding date

4) Check that your hat also displays the correct corresponding safety standard mark

5) Make sure that you do not remove any labels from inside of your hat which may hold the relevant information as a hat will cannot be tagged without all of the required information permanently visible.

Only hats which comply with all of these above steps will be accepted for tagging. If you’re in doubt, please contact the BRC office for further advice. If your hat cannot be tagged, you will not be allowed to ride wearing that hat under any circumstances.